“I discovered my muse at a house party”

Glamcult and Raumfeld welcome you into the studio of Carlijn Jacobs.


With The Many Homes of Raumfeld series in full swing, our fourth episode prompted a visit to the studio—aka deserted school—of Dutch photographer and regular Glamcult contributor Carlijn Jacobs. If you’re already following her on Instagram, you’ll be aware of her constant stream of bright and ongoing success. But where and how does the magic happen? Discover Carlijn’s obsession with Elvis, love for R&B, and pursuit to discover inimitable models here.

As a photographer, what do you think of Instagram?

I really like Instagram; it’s really relaxing and it has opened a lot of doors of course. I get a lot of clients because of Instagram. I love that it only has images, as I am more of a visual person. I don’t really feel the urge to speak out loud on social media and share my thoughts and opinions on things like Trump.

What’s your favourite account to follow right now?

@satitfying: an account filled with satisfying things to watch, like fingers sliding through liquids and blown glass. [Laughs] Just follow it and you’ll understand.

Do you listen to music when you’re shooting in the studio?

I really have to concentrate, so I actually prefer to have no music on, but in-between of course I do have music on. I listen to the Glamcult Spotify playlist!


How important is music in your life? Do you listen to it often?

It’s definitely important as I have this routine every day when I wake up and before I go to sleep: I have to listen to music for an hour. Especially in the evenings I relax myself with music because I always have a lot on my mind. I like listening to the same songs; when I’m tired I don’t want to be listening to new music and have to get used to a song, it’s easier to listen to music I already know. I’m also a huge fan of Elvis Presley—I think I like him and his look just as much as his music.

Who would be your dream person (past or present) to photograph?

Lindsey Wixson, she’d be my dream girl to shoot. Oh, and Tilda Swinton of course!

What do you look for in a model and how do you normally find one?

It’s really important that a model is unique. I don’t only search through agencies but sometimes do little castings or run up to people on the street. It’s really important that she has something unique and that she’s not ordinary—she can even be ‘ugly’.

You say ‘she’ and ‘her’ a lot—do you only look for females?

No, but when I shoot guys the same counts; they need to have something extraordinary, a big nose or big eyes for example. I mainly shoot women because I think the dress-up part can be more fun with girls. Girls really like to dress up whereas many boys don’t.


So have you found many models by scouting them on the street and just going to talk to them?

Yeah! There’s this girl I met at a house party and I did my first shoot with her, as well as one of my latest—she is (really) my muse and I discovered her at a house party. She’s super interesting.

You’ve previously said that you’re not that interested in ‘fashion’—would you say it’s more the fashion aesthetic than fashion itself that you’re interested in?

I think to other people it may seem like I’m really interested in fashion, but I’m not really into fashion as an industry. It’s not about fashion; I’m a really visual person and I want to create images. If there’s a vintage outfit that looks better in the photo than a Gucci outfit, I will go with that—it’s whatever looks best. I never, ever go shopping; I hate shopping. I have one outfit that I wear all month until I’m bored, and then I get another one.

Do you listen to comparable music when you’re out with friends to when you’re relaxing at home?

I think so, yes. When I’m alone I love listening to horrible R&B songs [Laughs] but I also listen to Kate Bush and other 80s songs. When I go out I prefer hip-hop and R&B, I like music you can dance to. No house and techno though, I really hate that.

What is your biggest photographic achievement to date?

I think my series for FOAM Amsterdam because it’s super special that I was in the museum next to Helmut Newton. I think that’s definitely my biggest achievement.




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