Catching up with Cakes Da Killa

“Ya man’s wet dream” performs at Progress Bar this weekend.


As Cakes Da Killa lands on Dutch soil again, Glamcult had to catch the New Jersey rapper for another interview—almost two years on from the artist’s cover story—in anticipation of his performance at Progress Bar. Spearheading change in hip-hop alongside fellow artists such as Mykki Blanco and Nicki Minaj, Cakes proves that forward creativity will never be confined by stereotypes.

Your bio on Facebook reads, “always what it is, never what it might be”. What do you mean by this?

What it says! It’s just a saying I use when people try to manipulate my mythology, which tends to happen a lot when you’re moving through life as a ‘public figure.’ It’s a life motto for me.

Can you elaborate on the title of your album? Is the pursuit of pleasure something you explore a lot within your music? 

Hedonism was the perfect title to describe the headspace I was in when I made the album so I ran with the concept. I was newly single from a relationship where I wasn’t being appreciated, I was working on my physical, mental and spiritual health, and I was finally getting my light back. Once you start shining you tend to attract some attention, and the rest is herstory.

Are there any new artists that inspire you/you would like to work with?

Injury Reserve, GoldLink and Cupcakke.

You’re quite an avid twitter user—having tweeted 34,100 times so far. What is it you enjoy so much about this social media platform?

I enjoy all social media; I grew up on a computer. As an artist today you have to be a lot more vocal than artists from the past. There is no veil separating famous people from civilians and that is sort of because of social media. It’s a double-edged sword but I try to keep my account chill.

In your last interview with Glamcult, you said you wanted to collaborate with Nicki Minaj. Is this still your ultimate dream? Team Nicki or team Remy?

Team Jesus.

You just finished touring with Mykki Blanco. Tell us about it.

The tour was really amazing. I’m currently working on a tour diary where you can hear some cute anecdotes from the road. It was really cool to meet all the alternative queer kids living in these small pockets of America. So many youth came out to share their stories—some traumatic—and just enjoy nights of celebration, and that was very fulfilling.


Cakes Da Killa performs live at Progress Bar this Saturday. Catch him alongside An Ni, DJ Firmeza, Kablam, Wail Qasim and Juha.

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Photo: Cakes Da Killa for Glamcult by Sanja Marusic

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