Broadcast the beat with our June playlist

Promise it will get you dancing?  

Young Ejecta, Build a Fire

As the weather starts getting warmer and days start getting longer, there’s this one thing that constantly haunts our minds: V-A-C-A-Y.

Paired with the increasingly tempting offer to sip cocktails during late-night get-togethers or the great deal of sunny beach doings you have to put up with during your daily IG scroll—nothing seems to be helping much with getting you through the aching need to catch sunrays anywhere that’s furthest from where you’re at.

And if your patience is as low as your motivation at work, you might want to watch out, because it’s high time for a new dose of summery vibes. Rejoice, holiday seekers! Glamcult is here to save the day.

Oh, and listen to Lorde’s new record; it’s a keeper.

Curated by Jean-François Adjabahoué


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