Heleen Blanken and Peter Van Hoesen present ADE artwork

Techno meets art history at the former house of Rembrandt.


Amsterdam Dance Event and the Rembrandt House are returning this year with another shared pursuit—delivering a collaborative performance between video artist Heleen Blanken and music producer Peter Van Hoesen.

As a young visual guru—and we’re proud to add: Glamcult collaborator—Blanken has had plenty of practice working hand-in-hand with top-tier music artists, presenting mind-blowing displays in venues ranging from Berghain and TrouwAmsterdam to Ziggo Dome and Dekmantel.

If you were lucky enough to attend Jeff Mills’ 2015 ADE performance at the Rembrandthuis, you’ll know this is an event not to be missed. Taking center stage in the courtyard of the museum, Blanken’s first physical installation in years will be a multi-layered piece, permitting viewing points from different levels throughout the museum.

Inspired by the 16th-century landscape artist Hercules Segers (1589/90-1633/40), Blanken has created a piece in which each viewing level represents “a different layer of the natural phenomenon”—artificially creating a visual impression of the “geological structure and earth’s atmosphere”.

Combined with music from acclaimed techno producer Peter Van Hoesen, we’re sure this will be an all-round visual and audible heaven. Situated in the heart of Amsterdam, the former house of Rembrandt provides the perfect historical backdrop and source of inspiration to this collaborative prowess.

19 until 23 October


Rembrandthuis, Amsterdam




Peter Van Hoesen


Words by Lottie Hodson


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