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‘How to create’ with Ace & Tate’s creative board.

In the studio with Mark de Lange

From its very beginning, Ace & Tate has received a lot of love from the creative community. Now is the time to return that love, as individuals or collectives anywhere, any who, or anyhow, can sign up for the Ace & Tate Creative Fund. Very soon one artist will be selected based on his or her original concept, and awarded with a one-off grant, mentoring, production assistance and media exposure. The Ace & Tate Creative Fund has its very own board led by Mark de Lange, who founded the lifestyle brand in Amsterdam almost three years ago. Proving that he looks far beyond eyewear, Ace & Tate’s mastermind is in charge of a much bigger and ever-growing creative direction.


Mark de Lange

Another key player on the board is Mario Lombardo, founder of BUREAU Mario Lombardo and one of Germany’s most renowned graphic designers, working for the likes of sleek mag. His interdisciplinary company is made up of a diverse team of designers from various backgrounds, dedicated to tackling ever-changing projects and thus privy to art and design from all possible angles. His work’s best feature is to evoke feelings with everything he creates, transporting it into your reality. Build your work on that foundation, and you’re destined to go big.

DSC_8450 (1)

In the studio with Mario Lombardo

Glamcult got into conversation with Lernert & Sander, the only duo of the board, renowned for projects driven by a cheeky sense of humor, and answering the questions you only come up with when high. [How do machines have sex to music?] The artists look for “authenticity and audacity” in applying artists, being big believers in realistic dreams. Sharing their thoughts on tackling projects as a team, Lernert & Sander reveal: “We pose the healthy quality to start any situation in a state of disagreeing. We disagree about mostly everything, initially, but end up in the same frame of mind.”


In the studio with Lernert & Sander

Last but surely not least: Will Hudson, founder of It’s Nice That. Hudson is a firm believer in knowing why you’re doing what you’re doing. “Invest your time into something you’re passionate about.” The editor is most impressed by art that challenges his opinions or views. When is art good enough to have the ‘nice’ factor? “That’s the million-dollar question, of course.” Whether it’s in the idea or execution, or in both, it’s all about something that makes you take a second glance. So what’s your idea, and why does it excite you? Scurry your way over to the website and apply now.


Will Hudson

Photography: Søren Jepsen

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