Bas Kosters responds to a harsh world

“I want it to be soft…”


Anyone in some way or another connected to Dutch fashion will be familiar with the Netherlands’ most colourful designer. But even if you’ve seen a little—perhaps too—much of Bas Kosters’ work over the years, don’t let that keep you from seeing his first large retrospective at Museum Arnhem.

I want it to be soft not only showcases the designer’s fashion collections, but proves his all-round imaginative talent by means of much more: textile art, videos, drawings and soft sculptures included. Glamcult is especially excited about the undiscovered gems: raw-but-sweet illustrations and a wide-eyed family of handmade dolls—both of which you’ll want to take home directly.

Adorable at first sight, this exhibition more than ever shows a deeper layer to Bas Kosters’ oeuvre: a bright and personal answer to a society that (unfortunately) isn’t nearly as cuddly.

New Drawing 2010 4

Like a Poem

Until 4 September

Museum Arnhem [NL]

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