Aus Berlin brings you to an abandoned fantasyland

Jump the festival fence!

Spreepark, Berlin

In true festival spirit, Aus Berlin has pushed through the boundaries of any ordinary festival venue and created a spooky fantasy world to maximize your nightlife experience. Get transported to the world that is Spreepark: a notorious abandoned theme park hidden in the depths of Berlin.

When delving into the tangled history of Spreepark, you’ll learn of a notorious drug smuggling scandal that resulted in both the owner of the theme park and his son being imprisoned, leaving the once popular park entirely deserted. Soon transforming into the neglected, overgrown scene it is today, Spreepark has become a popular place to break into and explore. The location now boasts 24-hour security (with dogs) and the only way in is to jump the fence.

Naturally, you will have to do the same to enter the Aus Berlin festival site—inspired by Berlin, but situated in Tilburg. Doing their upmost to supply an experience like never before, Aus Berlin’s organizers have spread their wings for the festival’s fourth anniversary and gone all-out on the décor, including a momentous Ferris wheel inside the venue (that only just fits into the building).

Aiming to bring Berlin vibes to the Netherlands, Aus Berlin provides the perfect winter festival and always steps outside the box, providing a psychedelic paradise, visionary light shows, diverse art, and of course food and drink stalls.

Wait, did we mention the impressive line-up of artists providing the soundtrack to the night? Expect everything from heavy hitting club staples like Adana Twins and Wankelmut to unpolished gems including The Policy and Polynation. Ready to jump the fence? We think you should ride this coaster.



26 November

NS-Plein, Tilburg (NL)

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Words by Lottie Hodson


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