Turn your grey skies blue with our April playlist

50 tracks you need to hear 💃🏿

Sevdaliza, The Calling

Pleasure, Pain, Passion. From Sevdaliza’s surprise EP to the latest Lily Allen, her first notable release in years, it’s time to drive the clouds away with our latest Spotify playlist. Featuring old favourites and fresh new releases, April’s offerings provide the perfect level of chilled tracks and driving rhythms, empowerment and anarchy.

Cardi B and SZA, our queens of self-love, triumph together on I Do. Likewise, Naya Ali and Junglepussy are here to give us nothing but strength with Out the Dirt and Showers. Beach House score once more with their pulsating, reverb-dripping Dark Spring, while Okay Kaya and serpentwithfeet give you that sensitive moment of time-out for when the world gets a little much. Enough said… listen and subscribe!

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Curated by Marjolijn Verkerk

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