Anouk van Klaveren adds critical quirk to jewellery design

Imke Ligthart captures the designer’s sculpted treasures.


Exploring the purpose of seemingly negligible artefacts—besides adding a right quantity of schmuck to any ensemble—designer and co-founder of creative platform Das Leben am Haverkamp Anouk van Klaveren teamed up with talented photographer Imke Ligthart to capture her most recent exploration into accessory design on film. The result feels much like a waggish spin on “poshness”, playing with notions of identity and autonomy.


Continuously exploring the meaning of fashion and in particular the notion of luxury as a dynamic social construct in jewellery design, Van Klaveren refashions folklore, fetishism and Western decadence with the contemporary. She allows designs to take shape that have an unlikely dash of quirk and sharpness about them. Anyone unfamiliar with this design aesthetic might initially be perplexed by the unconventional use of human hair incorporated into the designer’s past work and most recent PROJECT 000 005 – His Majesty prefers pigs, showcased during Amsterdam Fashion Week earlier this year. Combined, however, the mash-up of the natural fiber with freshwater pearls and gold is anything but off-putting. In fact, the fervent goldsmith manages to establish a harmonious symmetry between the disparate materials.


As a collection of her own codes, the collectable and wearable items all speak of the manner in which Van Klaveren challenges notions of luxury with a whimsical twist, imbuing her sculpted treasures with a critical meaning. What’s more, the typical modular approach to design that characterizes the designer’s work allows the pieces to be worn in whichever way—making it possible for hairpieces to be “replaced to suit any haircut”.

This unrestraint way of working is also characteristic of Das Leben am Haverkamp. The collective will once again be presenting their work on the 13th of July at Amsterdam Fashion Week. Different to usual, the creatives collaborated on one single collection that they describe as “a quirky cruise collection that will not only serve the mind and eyes of ‘more seasoned jet-setters’ but also the agoraphobics who will enjoy the sun on their one square meter balcony.”


All jewellery: Anouk van Klaveren

Photography: Imke Ligthart

Styling: Anna Mala

Model: Wouter van de Kuijt

Words by Rebecca Nevins

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