An introduction to The New Originals

This is Amsterdam’s hot new creative collective.


Whether they’re throwing a rowdy beach festival, thinking up innovative clothes, or working together with sportswear’s biggest players, The New Originals are here to inspire and be inspired. As a collective comprising of Amsterdam-based unruly minds, they are many but operate as one—under a single motto: “We believe that everyone is able to maximize their creativity, regardless of background.”

Who or what are The New Originals?

We are a brand from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, making performance clothing for creative people. We’re here because we’re inspired by creativity; we have a background in fashion and want to give back with our knowledge.

What do you mean by ‘performance clothing’?

What we want to stimulate is thinking out of the box. Whether you’re counting fruit or making a drawing, we want to symbolize thinking differently and showing it with our clothes. It doesn’t matter what you do—we don’t want to give a specific definition.

When did you get started?

We started out about a year-and-a-half ago. To us the vision is really important. For example: our logo, the nine dots, is an ancient riddle. You have to use four straight lines to connect the nine dots to each other. Once you have connected them all, you have thought outside the box. It’s something that really matches who we are.


You seem to collaborate and connect a lot, for instance with Patta and Nike. How come?

Amsterdam is a small city, that’s the best way to describe it. Nike and Patta are seamlessly connected to each other, and we’re seamlessly connected to Patta. So everything just happened organically, especially this project.

Why do you choose to work as a collective rather than individually?

That might have to do with Amsterdam being small; there’s no frame of reference, really. People don’t recognize us as a fashion city like they do with Paris or London. The youth culture acknowledgment is small, so we need to act collectively to speed up the process and grow. When you work together, things happen quicker and easier.

So how many people are involved? 

We like that question! Even our mums are a part of The New Originals, so it includes anyone who helps. We don’t like claiming the term for ourselves; it’s all about the vision.

Where are we going to see The New Originals in the future?

What’s certain is that we want to move on a more international level. We’ve been picked up quickly in Japan, and for the coming season we have more retailers in Tokyo than in the Netherlands. To us this confirms that we can explore beyond borders and see what’s going on in other markets. From our collections to our beach festival—we want to do the things we do now, but bigger.


Photography: Glenn, Junior, KC and Tirino by The New Originals



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