Amsterdam gets its first temple of seduction

Explore sacred sex at Love Space.


Summer is a season that has a particularly strong personality—one that can heavily influence your libidinous desires. The super sundry beginnings, dry grass, smell of early morning dew, taste of sun on bare skin, air that’s almost too hot to breathe, powdery blue sky… it all spells out sex. Especially when temperatures reach a searing height, we find ourselves several layers closer to each other. Whether it’s just the heat getting to our heads is beside us, but there’s this eroticizing power that’s hard to resist.

Giving space to this freeing sentimentality, young artist Jasper Griepink has created an infrastructure that currently nestles on the soil of one of Amsterdam’s most serene spots. As a place to freely make love to others or yourself, the Dutch eco-activist and installation artist’s Love Space is an intervention meant to foster unity, greater acceptance and engender emancipative ideas on romance and sexual narratives. Believing love can save us all, Love Space asks you to let go of fears or jealousies and get in touch with your personal sense of sexual pleasure. Besides free lovemaking sessions, daily sharing circles offer an opportunity to connect, enjoy and expand.

Although highly spiritual, this concept is not just any sweet spin on love, but an honest appeal to its residing power and energy. According to the artist, this doesn’t necessarily mean getting down and dirty. Enter at dawn when the soil is just waking up or come in the romantic evening hours when light starts to fade into darker shades. Or simply spend the entire day submitting to unadulterated forms of freedom. If you’re ready to appeal to your more adventurous side this summer, amuse yourself or excite your loved one(s) in a realm where you can come together in all senses of the word.




Love Space is part of Cure Park. Art of Care, a “cultural health resort” set in Het Amsterdamse Bos. Through the arts and bringing together various creatives, the initiative hopes to re-establish health and care as the focal points within public spaces and offers a physical/mental space where some of life’s most fundamental questions are addressed.


Love Space runs until 2 July

Amsterdamse Bos, Amstelveen

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View the daily programme here


Photography: Renate Ariadne van der Togt

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