Aïsha Devi takes on Amsterdam

Spiritual healing at De School.


Clear your schedules! This coming Thursday, Aïsha Devi will take on De School, Amsterdam’s hugely popular new club and concert venue. In 2013, the producer from Swiss/Nepalese-Tibetin descent founded her Danse Noire label, followed by the release of her latest album Of Matter and Spirit in 2015. Danse Noire is dedicated to exploring abstract, ethereal techno and club structures. Glamcult collaborator Tianzhuo Chen recently joined forces with Devi for her Mazdâ video, working with his signature bright colours and provoking symbolism. Speaking to Dazed, Devi revealed their mutual interest in iconography and religious symbols, mixing them to create a play on connotations. The artist’s vocals are often a mantra rather than coherent lyrics; she stresses the importance West-Europeans give to words and their significance. A meditative state comes with the making and performing of Devi’s music. However, she strongly believes there’s a distinctive difference between religion and spirituality, arguing that religion focuses solely on exterior powers and spirituality. For Devi, it’s about finding that power inside. See for yourself—and find healing—this week at De School. You can also have breakfast, lunch, dinner or go to the gym, depending on your departure time…



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