Adham Faramawy

“It sticks to me, it draws me, it sucks at me.”


Dubai-born, London-based artist Adham Faramawy brought both sex and slime to Amsterdam in 2014 for one of his first shows, titled Feels Real, at Marian Cramer Projects. The show was a response to a Jean-Paul Sartre text from 1943, in which “slime” becomes an issue of gendered embodiment, its properties problematized as abject and trans-feminine: “I open my hands, I want to let go of the slimy, and it sticks to me, it draws me, it sucks at me.” Faramawy’s practice makes use of many different media, but the body as subject is predominant, approached as a primary, sensual site. The Faramawy aesthetic is a superfluous interface with technology and the digital world, comprising intrepid colours and CGI. His latest works include a new augmented reality app, Hi! I’m Happy You’re Here!, a sculpture titled Wet Work created for the City of London and a perfume called Hyperreal Flower Blossom supported by the Fiorucci Art Trust and Creative Perfumers London, and commissioned by Studio_Leigh.


By Kelsey Lee Jones

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