9-1 PPM

This new fashion label shields it website with an 18+ warning.


Coming across a unisex fashion label that shields it website with an 18+ warning, Glamcult of course couldn’t resist hitting the ‘ENTER’ key. And rightly so, as behind the adult alert we found the home of a young French label that shouldn’t be missed. 9-1 PPM doesn’t give away much about its designers, origin and/or inspirations. What we discovered in its lookbook, however, is a delightful clutter of tech materials, oversized shapes, seductive cut-outs and see-through fabrics—always strongly referencing the ’90s. Describing 9-1 PPM is ‘a very difficult task that only a few people can achieve,’ according to the brand itself. ‘I am nobody and everybody at the same time. No words in the dictionary would be able to define me. At least without vulgarity, that seems impossible to me.’ Somewhere on the extreme edge of too much and not enough, say hello to an outspoken newcomer that probably doesn’t need a verbal description at all.



By Leendert Sonnevelt

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