Nadine Ijewere

An endless variety of women, faces, cultural diversities and beauty.


Despite her young age the London-based photographer Nadine Ijewere is blooming like a blossom, exactly as the colourful flowers that populate her pictures. However, don’t be tricked by this flowering imaginary, because Ijewere is definitely not interested in girly stereotypes or pinkish primroses. What she searches in flowers is their symbolic meaning, as raw and beautiful elements that can only be created by nature: no man alone can make a flower. Through her fashion portraits Ijewere shows us the endless variety of faces, women, cultural diversities and beauty that—as well as flowers—cannot be created by anyone. In her photo series The Misrepresentation of Representation, which is centered on the concept of orientalism and explores staged stereotypes, western ideologies of beauty and the representation of identity that are displayed in the contemporary visual culture. Her images show how identities have been forced into square frameworks, representing too often exclusively a western view of society. No new stereotypes needed!


By Ilaria Lorio Albarin

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