Love Aesthetics Atelier

The tranquil hit blog reaches a new chapter.


Over the past years, Love Aesthetics has developed a distinct visual language and an esteemed blog. Since 2008, Ivania Carpio’s serene platform has united the aesthetics of simplicity, class, and quality into one artistic philosophy. And she’s not done. The mastermind behind Love Aesthetics has now quietly launched Love Aesthetics Atelier, a continuation of the blog that takes the appreciation of multi-functionality to the next level. The Atelier offers an understated yet luxurious range of products for everyday life, transcending seasonal cycles. They state: “Every item is individually developed and launched when ready, unbound to seasonal collections. Starting out with three items, the collection will slowly and organically grow at its own pace.” Love Aesthetics Atelier aim to make their products everybody’s personal favourite., starting with a ‘concrete’ blanket, among others. The (online) space will act as a platform where ideas can continuously and thoughtfully grow.



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