Album: Hinds

The type of music you can’t fake.


What gives Hinds (formerly Deers) such appeal as a band is their complete disregard for perfection. This debut album, which includes the peppering of singles released in the two years leading up to it, is unbridled fun. Leave Me Alone represents a breath of fresh air at a time when densely layered production and complex conceptual songwriting seems to be the order of the day. The Spanish four piece’s musicianship is certainly not particularly accomplished and the music itself doesn’t set out to break new ground, but the slapdash garage-rock ethos is not something you can fake—and as such is very compelling. The album is recorded in a way that is very careful to capture this spontaneity. So there are some jarring dips in tempo and chaotic vocal harmonies, but to iron out the creases on Leave Me Alone would be to take the joy right out of it.

By Jack Dolan

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