Want a new follower? Order one IRL now!


Who wants a new follower? You can order one IRL now! Next in the increasingly popular on-demand services comes Follower, an app created by Brooklyn-based digital artist Lauren McCarthy who offers users the chance to be watched for a day. It seems like when we overproduce our market and work 9-5 inescapably, we turn to services that make us feel more in control. Apps like uButler or Laundrapp are clever solutions to our busy agendas and provide people basically anything they need—as long as it’s not illegal. You will not see the follower but he/she will shadow you and stay in your subconscious throughout the day, taking pictures as proof. The project is an artistic exploration and aims to bring the impression of significance to our mundane lives. Obviously a hint to our addiction to social media. On every platform, having a new ‘follower’ gives us a small dopamine kick, and perhaps even a much more powerful one in real life. Surprisingly, as creepy as it seems—users have reported feelings of comfort during the day they were followed. It speaks volumes for our craving to be admired, watched over, and contrarily our critique towards surveillance—it’s essentially an affirmation to our existence through anonymous interactions as much as it portrays helpless individuality. It must feel more or less nice to have someone watching over you all day, caring. +1 Lauren, you have a new follower.


Follower is an ongoing performance, born in San Francisco and now operating in New York.


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