Who said fashion was about being skinny?      


This past Paris Fashion Week was all about the Fatboy. In the Parisian Atelier Néerlandais, Dutch fashion designers Peet Dullaert and Liselore Frowijn made their audience sit on 60 white beanbags, replacing the conventional front row of chairs. These beanbags being an original design by Finnish Jukka Setälä, coined as ‘Fatboy the Original’ for the first time in the Netherlands in 2002. Rethinking the way products are supposed to look, the Fatboy has become an iconic and sustainable design. Fitting to Peet Dullaert’s collection name, Disruptive Zen / Night Time My Time, the designers wanted their public to emerge in a relaxed atmosphere and experience. How ironically uncomfortable it must have been to sit so close to each other in less than flattering positions. Maybe it hints at the fast pace of fashion, suggesting it should slow down, maybe it just genuinely wants fashion’s influencers to relax. In any case, it’s a step forward in means of innovation in fashion shows. Chill out baby, we’ve got a long way to go.


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