Gorillaz bring their world to Amsterdam

The band opens a ‘Spirit House’ in collaboration with Sonos.

Meet the dark techno talent paying tribute to Nina Simone

Kelly Lee Owens uses music to reflect the times.

Kim Janssen is as poetic as his songs suggest

“A domestic landscape of front yards, birthday parties and Chinese restaurants.”

Catching the energy at Progress Bar

Seized moments emanating the Amsterdam club night.

Glamcult’s guide to Motel Mozaïque festival

Expect the unexpected as Rotterdam turns into a stage for rising talent.

“Love is everything… even the terrible things”

Daydream of world peace with rising producer Baba Stiltz.

BEA1991 and Camiel Fortgens throw Amsterdam party

Celebrate the in-between and get your limited-edition tee.

Catching up with Cakes Da Killa

“Ya man’s wet dream” performs at Progress Bar this weekend.

Goldfrapp turns back to synths

We met the—forever cool—Alison.

London O’Connor preaches the power of music

Meet the rising talent who will text with you too.

Indulge in the rebirth of opera

Opera Forward Festival welcomes the future to the stage.

Foxygen is aiming for Broadway

“People try and make sense of it…”

Soothe your soul with Sampha

The singer/songwriter reveals all behind the making of his debut album.

“If you have a racist friend…”

Rising talent Naomi Pilgrim speaks up.

A Glamcult guide to Sonic Acts Festival

Face the future of art, music and science.


Welcome to the A$AP Hotel

A$AP Rocky and Zalando collaborate on a music-meets-fashion film.

Temples give an exclusive taste of their second record

“Listen to the album in its entirety, the way God intended it to be consumed…”

“Jump into the neo-rave spaceship”

This Amsterdam party will take you on an audiovisual journey.

“We live in a man’s world”

Cherry Glazerr divulge the dangers of Trump.

The only political party you can dance to

Another radical round of Progress Bar!

“Do you believe in more?”

Watch FKA twigs’ daring campaign for Nike here.

Music for the fringes of life

Get to know rising singer-songwriter Julie Byrne.

“You can always capture attitude”

Dennis Branko is out to capture Amsterdam’s realness.


“When you get older, plainer, saner”

LP reveals the secrets behind her booming success.

Sylvie Kreusch takes the lead

The “femme fatale” discusses the end of Soldier’s Heart and exploring new horizons.

Roam the (underground) streets of Seoul

deadHYPE presents the first volume of music documentary ROADWAVE.

Torus sparks a trance revolution [epilepsy warning]

It’s time to grab your official merchandise.

Baltimore dancers star in raw FKA twigs film

In case you haven’t watched the heartwarming documentary yet.

Wolfgang Tillmans reflects on (finding) happiness

Indulge in colour on the artist’s new visual album.

De School kicks off Clubgenoten with a BLACK OUT

Test the boundaries of clubbing with the Sandberg Instituut.

Explore the Dutch underground with L.A.N.

Melkweg Expo and Subbacultcha honour rising talent.

The xx share comeback video for ‘On Hold’

Inspired by the youth of Marfa, Texas.


The festival for nonconformists is back

Rewire announces seventh round with Arca, Jesse Kanda and SUMS.

The vibrant universe of Cata.Pirata

Glamcult and Raumfeld meet the artist in the urban jungle.

“Another river to dive into”

Synthpop seductors Alpines talk about what is and what is to come.

Comfort yourself with our new playlist

Wave goodbye to a gloomy November with this pick-me-up soundtrack.

“We’re not out to conquer the dancefloor”

Get to know The Policy ahead of their show at Aus Berlin.

Dekmantel delivers visionary Makam video

A hypnotic mix of Dutch ballet and electronic dance music.

“Progressive pop, kinda…”

The Lemon Twigs are inspired by Kanye but sound nothing like him.

The deadHYPE just wants to make you dance

To energy, emotion and Cameron’s Britain.

OIJ offers cinematic electropop during Museum Night

Get dazzled at Raumfeld’s Amsterdam store this Saturday.

A synthesis of surroundings

Cherish the immersive sounds of AN NI at the second chapter of UDOU.

Total Freedom takes on Amsterdam

The iconic DJ is welcomed at UDOU II next Friday.


Relish in sunset music with Larry Appiah

Discover fresh Amsterdam (music) talent with Glamcult and Converse.

Listen to your October warm-up playlist here!

A hand-picked selection that keeps you feeling comfy.

Dive into dark blue, otherwordly R&B

An introduction to rising artist Tsar B.

Heartfelt funk meets dance

Meet the Vienna-raised producer making a wave in electronic music.

Enjoy art while clubbing

De School and the Stedelijk Museum present Tijdgenoten #1.

Driving dancers to trance

Acid Arab breaches the geographical and genre boundaries of music.

In conversation with Boiler Room

Capturing the “rawness and realness of the music experience”.

Heleen Blanken and Peter Van Hoesen present ADE artwork

Techno meets art history at the former house of Rembrandt.

“Dance crazy and listen deep”

Delve into the experimental world of sound artist SØS Gunver Ryberg.

“Imperfect, impermanent, incomplete”

An introduction to rising young composer IOKOI.

A$AP Rocky confirms surprise show in Berlin

The rapper is performing at Bread&Butter this Friday.

First listen: Sofie Winterson remixed

Glamcult premieres a kaleidoscopic remix by Waterlelyck.

A quick guide to Lowlands Paradise ’16

We figured you might need some help.

Free, freaky and feminine

Step into the bedazzled world of Gnučči and listen to her brand new Shiftee remix.

Listen to our August playlist here!

Your summer sounds by the likes of BANKS, Young Thug and Petite Meller.

10 split seconds at Milkshake Festival

We got steamy with Christeene, Amanda Lepore and a host of hot dancers.

Empress Of a new pop empire

The powerhouse producer talks about her queendom.

22 hot moments at 22fest

Amsterdam’s most eclectic festival on film.

Glamcult and Mairo Nawaz release ‘Superbad’

Your summer soundtrack by Amsterdam’s freshest.

Mairo Nawaz goes golfing

The party starter swings back with Lois Cohen and Bonne Reijn.

Poorgrrrl is throwing you a pity party

How a rapper and performance artist were born on Instagram…

Easter talk food, music and sexual intercourse

Berlin’s most cryptic band on soy sausage and Satan.

Hello July, your playlist is here!

Sad summer nights and drunk-in-love days.

Get drunk on Weaves

The praised band turning difference into indie pop.

Amsterdam’s new festival was (beyond) pretty

The memorable moments and humans of Strange Sounds From Beyond.

Lost Under Heaven questions society through music

The “future blues” that will change your perspective.

This weekend’s best festival looks far beyond borders

Strange Sounds From Beyond offers all things experimental.

Palmistry invites you to a sugary ritual

The singer and producer releases debut album PAGAN.

A time to laugh and to MOURN

The young Catalonian band brings out Ha, Ha, He.

Izzy Bizu sets the summer mood

A short introduction to the infectious singer-songwriter.

What would Whitney do?

“No recording is ever good because it’s perfect.”

French girls on fire

We’ve never wanted to claim being a crew of girls…”

Flume: from cereal to serious

How a hit career was born with a CD on a box of Fruit Loops.

These are your tunes for June 2016

A lot of new music and a lot of green.

Dua Lipa dreams of being like Nelly Furtado

In conversation with pop’s inescapable new star.

We might be hollow but we’re brave

Revel in (queer) teen awkwardness with Evvol.

Rihanna and Dior team up once more

Facing the future with our favourite superstar.

Character study: Raven

Amsterdam’s hottest drummer shot by Lobke Leijser and Sofija Rybakovaite.

The unearthly minimalism of Logan Takahashi

What happens when 50% of Teengirl Fantasy goes solo.

This Amsterdam party is hugely underrated

Native Self 004 offers an alternative to repetitive club culture.

Hold up, here’s your May playlist!

When life gives you Lemonade, Glamcult gives you…

Everybody’s Heart Is Broken Now

Niki & The Dove once again mesmerize the human psych.

A body that needs to move breaks its bones

Your first look at Me And My Drummer’s bloody new video.

DICE hints at the future of pop music

Discovering new talent at Utrecht’s bright new mini festival.

Tarantino in Disneyland

A conversation with Liima, the band with a human drum machine.


Hinds are just getting started

What it means to be “rock and roll soldiers”.

Torus drops trans-inspired soundtrack

A musical homage to the sex workers of Cape Town.

Our big spring playlist is here!

Dizzying hip-hop, shimmery pop and hybrid electronics.

Rosie Lowe transposes feminism to music

The rising synth-soul producer will leave you hypnotized.

#metime with Beau

These girls will alleviate your modern ailments.

Moss conjures a Ritual Spirit

The world’s favourite supermodel shines into the darkness.

Interview: Beach House

A plea for love, diligence and not giving a fuck.

Tune into the Queerzone

A podcast you’ll actually want to hear.

Album: Hinds

The type of music you can’t fake.

Album: The Prettiots

Why are these girls not in the Urban Dictionary?

Interview: Låpsley

“I want to be in the same competition as the boys.”

Interview: Ho99o9

“This shit is far out, far left corner—stuff that nobody wants to fucking touch…”

Aïsha Devi takes on Amsterdam

Spiritual healing at De School.

Why Anohni is not attending the Oscars

“I want to maximize my usefulness and advocate for the preservation of biodiversity…”

Interview: Oneohtrix Point Never

One (im)perfectly sticky drama.

Sometimes your best friend dies

Victim Victim premieres her new video!

Interview: Roseau

Twitter-sized insights into the artist’s magnetic mindfulness.

Interview: Your Friend

The singer, songwriter and producer sits down with Glamcult.

Interview: Lion Babe

Lion Babe’s music is as much a sign of the times as it is an expression of the duo’s soul.

Interview: Grimes

“My generation is a bit apathetic sometimes, and that scares me.”

Interview: Shura

Her only rider request is a glass of water.

Interview: Visionist

The facets of being and feeling safe.

Interview: Beau

Bringing back the power of song.

Interview: BEA1991

An introduction to Amsterdam’s most promising young star.

Interview: First Hate

The Copenhagen boys are much sweeter than their moniker suggests.

Interview: Raury

Raury is as much about idealism as he is about music.

Interview: Cakes Da Killa

A sound that’s both whimsical and heartfelt.

Interview: Future Brown

A colour that doesn’t exist in nature but does in the club.

Interview: Maluca Mala

Life is an island rave.

Interview: Sevdaliza

The rising artist is everything you want her to be.

Interview: 18+

Make love. No touching.

Interview: FKA twigs

“I love another, and thus I hate myself.”