Natural to Supernatural

The work of photographer Blaise Cepis.


“Another round of strawberry for me and my friends…” Judging by the amount of followers on Instagram, this New York City-based photographer is doing something very well. Glamcult is definitely one of the 37k enjoying his daily feed, whether it consists of colourful, Tumblr-esque still lifes or contorted explorations of the human body.

Moving from Philadelphia to study photography and design at Parsons, Blaise Cepis worked as an art/creative director in advertising for over a decade, before deciding to make his personal efforts a full-time job. What we especially value in the artist’s work is the way he lifts the natural to supernatural, for instance by cleverly garbing an oddly twisted body in a hardwood suit on a hardwood floor. Creating optical illusions by means of composition and colour, the work of Cepis is often a mix of nature and nurture—at all times somewhat questionable, and at all times bliss for the senses.



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