Album: The Prettiots

Why are these girls not in the Urban Dictionary?


The Prettiots (pronounced pretty + idiots)No, it’s not a new term from Urban Dictionary. Though, the dark lo-fi pop duo Kay Kasparhauser (ukulele and vocals) and Lulu Prat (bass) probably wouldn’t mind if their band name did end up on the wwwdot-famed reference. Their combination of bubbly cute and abrasive wit (plus the ukulele) starts conversations. Either you’re a lover, or a hater. Have a listen to their debut album Fun’s Cool and decide for yourself. If you appreciate Courtney Barnett’s humor and don’t mind being confronted with your awkward teenager experiences, then The Prettiots offer a satisfying package. Their lyrics around make out memories, worthless boyfriends and self-deprecating ratings, they give themselves a 4 out of 10, override Kasparhauser’s otherwise average voice. Did we mention the ukulele? Listen closely to stand out tracks Boys (That I Dated in Highschool), Stabler and Suicide Hotline. The Prettiots’ hipster jukebox tracks with a hint of country-twang and ‘90s indifference makes the duo difficult to place (hint: NYC), but will still make you smile.

By Emily Vernon

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